It’s about time (part 1)

It’s been nearly 2 months since I did a blog, and I am slightly annoyed at myself for that.

You see, this blog was something I fought to keep going at its previous home, only for circumstances to mean it died a death later on – which is why I started this place up. I put the bricks in place, cleared out the wildlife, created a welcome mat and made little changes to make this place my own. But I’ve only had the one post here since then.

Part of the reason for this has been that I have genuinely been a little busy – at the time I put up the last blog, I was enjoying a relaxing weekend at home, but alas, I had to return to university, and carry on working hard right up until Easter. Admittedly, there were perhaps times I could have written the blog, but as I’m doing this of my own accord (and not earning any money from it) I prefer writing when I’m feeling in the mood – believe me, it is much easier to write something when you actually feel like it, and that comes across in my previous blogs. I have written posts before when I have not been feeling like it – some of those were published, but a few lie abandoned and half-finished on my computer. And I’m glad they never got published, because they weren’t very good.

But on the other hand, it leads to situations like this, where I end up not writing a blog for months. I did try, but my musings on the recent digital re-release of Pokémon Red never saw the light of day; because I was tired and trying to force myself to write, which is never a good idea. Maybe one day I’ll find a reason to finish it off; alternatively, maybe I’ll see if I can add another section to post all the half-finished and rejected posts – there are a few of them!

So this, like many other things, can be fairly simple to do, but can also be very difficult. Sometimes it’s easier listening to music (as I’m doing now – Pulp, it seems, are pretty decent playing live); sometimes it’s more difficult. Occasionally, a post won’t flow, won’t get into a rhythm – and that’s the point to stop, because if it doesn’t write well, it doesn’t read well. This has only ever been something I’ve done in my free time, and so as my university workload went up, productivity on the blog went down. Plus I’m worryingly skilled at procrastinating; even this blog wasn’t started until about 4 hours after it was planned to!

But I digress. I am planning, and hopefully will (fingers crossed!) be writing a blog in the next week. I have a title, a subject, and some thoughts to type down. Obviously this is a good start! This means I should get it completed soon (and I apologise for the highly irregular timings, but I hope to be more consistent in the future); a bit soon after this one, perhaps, but this is more of an update/apology thing so it’s more of a post-number-1.5 on this site, or at least that’s what I hope it feels like.

Speaking of timings, I’m hoping to get to something like a regular upload time. Now that I have my own blog, I can choose an upload time for each post, which I’m sure will be incredibly useful – it’s not always easy to write on a specific day! With this in mind, I’m considering an upload time of Fridays, 7pm UK time. As for which Fridays, I am yet to decide, but it may end up being the last Friday of every month (other than special cases, such as this post and the next one, which will be uploaded on Wednesday). The only exceptions will be this post (because I want to get this uploaded ASAP) and if anything fairly major happens in the world of science, such as major diseases, milestone space missions, and other such events.

So that’s the update, and I should be back on Wednesday, so see you then!

P.S Credit for the cover photo goes to Got Credit. As ever the photo was downloaded from Flickr under the Creative Commons license found at


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