Into the Archives

Just a very quick update.

To boost the content on this site and have all my work together, I have been working to get confirmation that I can repost some of my old articles on here.

I used to volunteer for my university’s student paper, the Pluto (now called the Pulse) and wrote a number of blogs for them, which is how this all started. For reasons I won’t go into (but which include having more pressure time-wise from my course) I stopped volunteering, and decided to start this blog. Unfortunately of course that left a bunch of what I’d written on the university’s site.

Well good news! Turns out I can repost the blogs on here, so with that in mind, I’ve just done exactly that! Have a

Archives Folders
Note: my archives do not look like this! (Credit: Queridian Solutions)

look under ‘Archives’ for my past work. Not everything has been uploaded yet as some of it would really fit better over on The Last Nerd, and having just posted a blog on there over the weekend I don’t want it to disappear from the front page just yet! The rest, therefore, will probably be uploaded at the end of this week, with a new blog to come the following week.

As for Proctor Science, I haven’t uploaded anything new in a fair while; I do plan to but it takes far longer to write a post for PS than TLN, and with me coming towards the end of my degree it’s time I don’t really have at the moment. Give it a few months though, and I should start posting again.

In the meantime, enjoy the archives!


All pictures from Flickr, used under the Creative Commons license found at


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